Sunday, 11 September 2011

walked along the Thames

Thames festival is on this weekend, 10-11 Sep.  This is the first time we make an effort to go, well if you remember that I hate crowd!  Started off from Southwark bridge, which was a feast zone. I love free crayfish!     loads of activities for kids, loads of foods from local restaurants and bakery...lovely!   Then we walked up toward the Southbank. Along the Thames was packed with stalls, selling foods, souvenirs, clothes, jewelry and bits & bobs.  Bands were performing, people are smiling and clapping.  Even, it's very crowded but I still can manage a smile on my face.  We stopped at BFI for a silence cinema, watched Dead Man's shoes which was superb.  It was one of the very best satisfied revenge film I have ever seen.  

After the film, while we're wandering around the London eye no idea what to do, an enlightening laugh of children just caught our attention.  It was a man with his washing liquid!  Yes the bubble man!  It was just the man, himself,and his rope with soup that could create a smile that fulled of happiness on his strangers' faces as if they left all their concern somewhere else very far away.   I was trilled.

To finish our Thames adventure, of course, we went down to the beach.  I just couldn't say anything more than I was happy and felt lucky that we could call London as our home, for now.  Thames, yesterday, was spectacular, like something special that you always wish to see and be apart of it.  Thanks for Thames Festival and, definitely, see you again next year.

ps. sorry that I was lazy and relied on my phone's camera!