Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Industrial touch

While working on my private interior project, industrial-influent.  Personally, every time I worked on this sort of style I never ever considered using a rubber tile, as I think bared-concrete always works better (in residential scale and from my point of view anyway).  However, as this time we're under limited conditions, which are budget and existing floor itself.  So, I was forced to look back at the rubber tile.  Surprisingly, I found it's quite cool and very easy to apply with furniture.   Have you experienced using them? if so share it with me!!  


Saturday, 25 June 2011

living a Warehouse part 2

If you still envy the space of Nick's flat, I'll make it worse today!!  Another friend's warehouse flat, Ida+Annu+Lisa, which located along the regent canal...yeah lucky people they are.  and again please following my home magazine. it's coming out soon!  and thanks again Quincy!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

living a Warehouse

I know that you love a charm of living in converted-warehouse flat.  where else will make you feel so cool living like artist!  this is Nick's flat, one of my artist friend, where he shares this lofty space with another 4 artists!!!  I know I know...don't be such a snob. they are lovely people who lucky to live in the place like this!!  And lucky you, Thai people...because it'll be published in My home magazine soon!  thanks Quincy my lovely photographer.


Saturday, 18 June 2011

View Tube

just realized that it's been for a while not blogging anything. I just didn't feel like it really and I think you do sometime...just don't feel like it.    but I do today, even it's not very nice day, weather and also my emotion. After tennis I went to View Tube, where you ritually sit opposite the Olympic park site watching a progress of the stadium.  It's very cool idea, a long deck with little landscape and a row of containers to exhibit arty stuffs.  I love a main building, or should say a big unit of container, which use as a tower. There is also a lovely cafe called 'the container', serve nice coffees, fried-up and sandwiches.  However, I don't like a latte there.  I'm used to a strong coffee, antipodean style, and the latte I had today was just served in too big cup, which made it too milky and couldn't taste much coffee.    however, if you normally have your latte like french people you'll enjoy it.  
easily spotted the big lime-green container from Hackney Wick

sit and observe the Olympic park just opposite

the row of containers outside use as an art space

the container cafe'

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Pizzicato 5

Pizzicato five!  yes,they were super cool! (now the band broke up)  if you like pop that background from acid jazz, soul and funk. you definitely love them!   This band from Japan, not just their music that cool, but also their outfit, especially the lead singer Maki. so colorful and playful like usual Japanese, which they might say 'yey, that is just normal'.   I think we love the sense of 60's and every now again it'll come back to the trend again.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mini mini

who is that mini?!!!!!   It is one of car dealers from Motor-expo at Canary Wharf.  I fancy one. mini me please.



Monday, 6 June 2011

my Shibuya toast

You might never have heard about it, Shibuya toast.  But believe me that Thai people's been crazy about this sweet dish for years!  Of course it's not Thai regards to its name.  Start at Shibuya, in karaoke that served honey toast (Hanito in Japenese)!!!  is that weird??  having toast at karaoke?      I guess not.  nothing is too weird for Japanese!!  So, yes, it started from there and spread around.  Basically, Shibuya toast is a big chunky white bread, toasted with loads of butter and honey....serve with vanilla ice-cream and wiped cream.  so fatty and irresistible!   here is my home-made version. compare with an original, doesn't look too bad, isn't it or is it????  yummmmmm

my home-made version

Saturday, 4 June 2011

sense of English country

Hello Saturday! I'm glad that this weekend is going to be hot and lot of sun, touch wood! As I still owe my home one feature, which I find it's hard to motivate myself to write... so while I'm working on images I think it might be good to stir my brain a little bit by put it up here. This place is up in Hertfordshire. Proper English style from Victorian/Edwardian era, which you might easily find in your own parents'! However, I still in love with small items such as tea set, plant pot and jug. It's sweet and warm. Importantly, you can get them very cheap from car boots sale!  so no reason not to love it. 
floral tile, brass faucet and pot..mmmmmm

spring spring


Thursday, 2 June 2011

an action in architecture

Bored of just looking at images of a building? why no one never created something cool & different to present their architecture?  well, because architecture is a big deal, not like building your own doll house, is it? (I guess)   but not with this one (maybe because it's their doll house!)  This VDO got a good sense of humor, which sometime you need it after long day in the studio.  Thank for my friend who found this..  enjoy! 

Desert Villa - Architecture Simulation from Studio Aiko on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

beauty of Kate

Vogue July just arrived and I want to share some of supplement to you.  It's all about secret beauty of beautiful people, like Moss, Jourdan Dunn and Julianne Moore... I bet that you've heard too many times about her beauty tips, make-up like miss moss or moss's hairstyle.  but we never had enough with her, didn't we?