Thursday, 24 November 2011

Our new adventure begins!!!!

My dream now comes true!!  the dream of having my own coffee shop where people come for great cup of coffee with tasty foods and cakes. Under the relax and creative atmosphere with super friendly staffs! Now you can get it all at HER-Haggerston Espresso Room. 
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Sunday, 11 September 2011

walked along the Thames

Thames festival is on this weekend, 10-11 Sep.  This is the first time we make an effort to go, well if you remember that I hate crowd!  Started off from Southwark bridge, which was a feast zone. I love free crayfish!     loads of activities for kids, loads of foods from local restaurants and bakery...lovely!   Then we walked up toward the Southbank. Along the Thames was packed with stalls, selling foods, souvenirs, clothes, jewelry and bits & bobs.  Bands were performing, people are smiling and clapping.  Even, it's very crowded but I still can manage a smile on my face.  We stopped at BFI for a silence cinema, watched Dead Man's shoes which was superb.  It was one of the very best satisfied revenge film I have ever seen.  

After the film, while we're wandering around the London eye no idea what to do, an enlightening laugh of children just caught our attention.  It was a man with his washing liquid!  Yes the bubble man!  It was just the man, himself,and his rope with soup that could create a smile that fulled of happiness on his strangers' faces as if they left all their concern somewhere else very far away.   I was trilled.

To finish our Thames adventure, of course, we went down to the beach.  I just couldn't say anything more than I was happy and felt lucky that we could call London as our home, for now.  Thames, yesterday, was spectacular, like something special that you always wish to see and be apart of it.  Thanks for Thames Festival and, definitely, see you again next year.

ps. sorry that I was lazy and relied on my phone's camera!


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday morning :)

It's 20 degree outside with lovely sunshine and it is Saturday morning!  Even I'm alone, without Evbaby for the weekend, but my mind just couldn't stop get excited about the idea of riding my bike along the Regent canal to get a lovely coffee at Broadway market... I feel so happy. I love when a simple little thing can blow my mind away. It's just an easy happiness that you can have or allow yourself to have it.  Life is simple like I want it to be....  Start my lovely morning with Scrubb, I miss Thai music and it makes me smile. YES..I'm ready to go now!   The park, Victoria Park, and canal are still lovely and packed with those runners, seems like they're on marathon. I stopped taking photos along the way.  So green and calm, everything around nice    I hope you enjoy your Saturday. x
PS. I miss you Evbaby

the runners

my bike needs a break

he is a lucky dog! 


Saturday, 6 August 2011


Yesterday was Friday plus it was another lovely sunny day so nothing better than just go out!  We went to Gagosian Gallery to see an exhibition of Takashi Murakami, Japanese contemporary artist.  It was wicked.  Honestly, I've never heard about him before but thanks buddha for my friend's invitation yesterday. I become his fan!  Just love his work personally.  It's fine-art with commercial sense, which easy to digest..I love everything that easy to understand. Life is hard enough and I'm a bit shallow!  Unfortunately, photo taken is not allowed and it was last day of the exhibition.  So, the exhibition is about sex that appears in manga, girl with giant boobs and golden penis with a little smile!  I bet that you're start googling his work! ha... 

Right, art stuff checked. Next got to be a chat over coffee! I've heard about this new cafe here, King's Cross, called Drink, Shop & Do.  Accidentally found it on the way to another destination so we stopped to try it out.    Like its name, this cafe serves drinks, where you can shop furniture and do activity they provide (stitching, sewing, etc)   It's like a girl club, having afternoon tea & cakes with friend while sewing a cushion! ummm...  very lovely and sweet place, however, if you're a coffee lover like me please please don't order coffee there. I beg you!  


Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hackney wicked!

Summer in London is the best!  I love festival I love outdoor activity!  Hackney Wicked 2011,its 4th year, is an art festival which host by Hackney Wick, the home of artist.   Open studio, flea market, BBQ, outdoor cinema, floating book shop & cafe (yes, on the boat!) and more fun stuffs to do, such as live music.   The site itself is wicked, along the canal you can see the Olympic site just opposite.  No entry fee just come and enjoy the art!  

for you who love handcraft. I love a tea bag and tea cup. they are so adorable!  visit

Friday, 29 July 2011

Shoreditch grind

Seems like there are lots of brand new indie cafes out there lately (since last year), which I love it!   New place new taste new discovery that make London more exciting!   Today I have a date with my lovely friend, who obviously visited this place before.  Shoreditch Grind,the new cafe in trendy East London.  Located just off Old street roundabout, very handy for commuters in the morning, in the round building which makes this place quite unique.  My latte was good, even they made it like flat white (in my opinion anyway).  However, I'm very sorry to say that I wasn't impressed by the staff with 'I-am-too- cool attitude' shame....  and counter bar+stools made my coffee experience wasn't quite comfortable at all. Regardless to the round shape of its space, of course they have to maximize its capacity. So they designed the counter bar along with the wall and it means we all have to sit on the stools! (they have just one table in the middle).  Definitely good for grab a take-away coffee, but not really for a long chat with friend I think. 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My new toy!!!

YES!!!  my new toys arrived very early this morning!  so excited!  I've been dreaming about V60 for a while and here she is!  what I got in the parcel today were Hario V60-01 (dripper), Hario skerton hand grinder and scale (believe me it's worth to have)  I just can't wait to try it. Absolutely first thing I want to do so badly this morning, even I got just grounded Guatemala!!!  never mind I'll get a bag of beans and grind it fresh tomorrow. Result?  lovely! even from grounded coffee, but I still got a lemon fizzing finished with its sweetness at the very end.   I also attached how to brew with V60's video for you. I am not yet the expert so let learn from them!