Sunday, 31 July 2011

Hackney wicked!

Summer in London is the best!  I love festival I love outdoor activity!  Hackney Wicked 2011,its 4th year, is an art festival which host by Hackney Wick, the home of artist.   Open studio, flea market, BBQ, outdoor cinema, floating book shop & cafe (yes, on the boat!) and more fun stuffs to do, such as live music.   The site itself is wicked, along the canal you can see the Olympic site just opposite.  No entry fee just come and enjoy the art!  

for you who love handcraft. I love a tea bag and tea cup. they are so adorable!  visit

Friday, 29 July 2011

Shoreditch grind

Seems like there are lots of brand new indie cafes out there lately (since last year), which I love it!   New place new taste new discovery that make London more exciting!   Today I have a date with my lovely friend, who obviously visited this place before.  Shoreditch Grind,the new cafe in trendy East London.  Located just off Old street roundabout, very handy for commuters in the morning, in the round building which makes this place quite unique.  My latte was good, even they made it like flat white (in my opinion anyway).  However, I'm very sorry to say that I wasn't impressed by the staff with 'I-am-too- cool attitude' shame....  and counter bar+stools made my coffee experience wasn't quite comfortable at all. Regardless to the round shape of its space, of course they have to maximize its capacity. So they designed the counter bar along with the wall and it means we all have to sit on the stools! (they have just one table in the middle).  Definitely good for grab a take-away coffee, but not really for a long chat with friend I think. 

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My new toy!!!

YES!!!  my new toys arrived very early this morning!  so excited!  I've been dreaming about V60 for a while and here she is!  what I got in the parcel today were Hario V60-01 (dripper), Hario skerton hand grinder and scale (believe me it's worth to have)  I just can't wait to try it. Absolutely first thing I want to do so badly this morning, even I got just grounded Guatemala!!!  never mind I'll get a bag of beans and grind it fresh tomorrow. Result?  lovely! even from grounded coffee, but I still got a lemon fizzing finished with its sweetness at the very end.   I also attached how to brew with V60's video for you. I am not yet the expert so let learn from them!  

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

it is cupcake!

Last weekend was Love box weekend. so much fun and too many beers! Snoop dog and Blondie brought out all their fan around London to the park!  it was wicked weekend for us.   However, this post is not about music, but cupcake!  As my mother-in law reached her 60th, so we celebrated it big and of course big foods!   but I just want to show you those cupcakes, which baked by doctor! even she's still a student.  They were so yummy and look amazing!  hope you agree with me

this blue one was my favorite! 


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Portobello market

Yes yes, Portobello market!  first time and last time I've been there was 3 years ago! yes, as a tourist of course.  It's always different story isn't it when you become a resident of the town, you're just not bother to go anywhere that across your area.  we live in the east end, so it's quite a special thing for us to travel all the way over to the west.  Sound such a drama, but actually just about 10 stops on the tube :p   Anyway, because today we got a mission which was seeking for a special present for Ev's mum's 60th birthday. Quite exciting going to Portobello market with my husband for the first time!  haaa.  Oh, well the market was packed with a stream of tourists on a sunny Saturday and yes we're start getting annoy!  not very nice but we just hate a crowd....grumpy couple we are indeed.     However, it was very nice and lovely of course.  Nothing hill, you know...surrounded by big massive lovely Georgian/Victorian buildings (undoubtedly with flower beds). The market is very good if you after a good condition and fine quality vintage stuffs, such as jewelry, china and painting.  Unlikely stuffs you'll find on Brick Lance which pretty much like dump found.  We eventually got it-special present-after wandered around just only 2 hrs.  pretty good for the shopping day.  Go if you just wanna hang out in different area and of course to feel more swanky, both people and atmosphere.  It's a good fun.
PS. I didn't take a lot of photo..sorry. just can't be bother!

look at the crowd!!!

if you after £30,000 rug! 


Friday, 8 July 2011

Maison coffee house

Today, we visited a lovely brand new coffee shop on Highbury & Islington called Maison coffee house.   Having been opened for just only 2 months, Maison quietly builds up their own customer around the area.  In very good location, just opposite Highbury & Islington station, Maison also got their own private backyard...ummm outdoor garden is always perfect for having a cup of coffee in a lovely sunny day, isn't it?     They offer variety of home-made sandwiches, breakfast and yummy cakes with very nice coffees, made of Nude coffee beans. 
 An ice-latte with mini cupcake for summer anyone?...yum yum    

lovely backyard. I like the green that makes it looks more lively

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Vintage cafe

Fancy shopping vintage and a cup of coffee?  This place offers you both!  just off Brick Lane No.14 on Bacon street (looking for the pink door!) a strong old spice smell from candles fumed the entire shop. just to let you know to be aware if you don't like a smoky sense of it.  The ground floor is a coffee shop, dominated by variety of vintage furniture and props.  It's very sweet and we love it!  The basement is where they sell vintage clothes & accessories, which are in good condition. no mess around.   Unfortunately, I just had coffee before I went there, so no comment on that.  Next Sunday, if anyone got a plan hanging around Brick Lane, don't forget to pop by and let me know how it went!

I love bunches of roses hanging up from the ceiling

soft light makes this corner looks so warm

fancy couple chairs for home