Saturday, 18 June 2011

View Tube

just realized that it's been for a while not blogging anything. I just didn't feel like it really and I think you do sometime...just don't feel like it.    but I do today, even it's not very nice day, weather and also my emotion. After tennis I went to View Tube, where you ritually sit opposite the Olympic park site watching a progress of the stadium.  It's very cool idea, a long deck with little landscape and a row of containers to exhibit arty stuffs.  I love a main building, or should say a big unit of container, which use as a tower. There is also a lovely cafe called 'the container', serve nice coffees, fried-up and sandwiches.  However, I don't like a latte there.  I'm used to a strong coffee, antipodean style, and the latte I had today was just served in too big cup, which made it too milky and couldn't taste much coffee.    however, if you normally have your latte like french people you'll enjoy it.  
easily spotted the big lime-green container from Hackney Wick

sit and observe the Olympic park just opposite

the row of containers outside use as an art space

the container cafe'

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