Monday, 6 June 2011

my Shibuya toast

You might never have heard about it, Shibuya toast.  But believe me that Thai people's been crazy about this sweet dish for years!  Of course it's not Thai regards to its name.  Start at Shibuya, in karaoke that served honey toast (Hanito in Japenese)!!!  is that weird??  having toast at karaoke?      I guess not.  nothing is too weird for Japanese!!  So, yes, it started from there and spread around.  Basically, Shibuya toast is a big chunky white bread, toasted with loads of butter and honey....serve with vanilla ice-cream and wiped cream.  so fatty and irresistible!   here is my home-made version. compare with an original, doesn't look too bad, isn't it or is it????  yummmmmm

my home-made version

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