Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday morning :)

It's 20 degree outside with lovely sunshine and it is Saturday morning!  Even I'm alone, without Evbaby for the weekend, but my mind just couldn't stop get excited about the idea of riding my bike along the Regent canal to get a lovely coffee at Broadway market... I feel so happy. I love when a simple little thing can blow my mind away. It's just an easy happiness that you can have or allow yourself to have it.  Life is simple like I want it to be....  Start my lovely morning with Scrubb, I miss Thai music and it makes me smile. YES..I'm ready to go now!   The park, Victoria Park, and canal are still lovely and packed with those runners, seems like they're on marathon. I stopped taking photos along the way.  So green and calm, everything around nice    I hope you enjoy your Saturday. x
PS. I miss you Evbaby

the runners

my bike needs a break

he is a lucky dog! 


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