Friday, 8 July 2011

Maison coffee house

Today, we visited a lovely brand new coffee shop on Highbury & Islington called Maison coffee house.   Having been opened for just only 2 months, Maison quietly builds up their own customer around the area.  In very good location, just opposite Highbury & Islington station, Maison also got their own private backyard...ummm outdoor garden is always perfect for having a cup of coffee in a lovely sunny day, isn't it?     They offer variety of home-made sandwiches, breakfast and yummy cakes with very nice coffees, made of Nude coffee beans. 
 An ice-latte with mini cupcake for summer anyone?...yum yum    

lovely backyard. I like the green that makes it looks more lively


  1. I know this place, and the Coffee is very great, the reel name is "Maison d'être" ;)

  2. Yes indeed Stephanie. thanks to correct it :)