Saturday, 9 July 2011

Portobello market

Yes yes, Portobello market!  first time and last time I've been there was 3 years ago! yes, as a tourist of course.  It's always different story isn't it when you become a resident of the town, you're just not bother to go anywhere that across your area.  we live in the east end, so it's quite a special thing for us to travel all the way over to the west.  Sound such a drama, but actually just about 10 stops on the tube :p   Anyway, because today we got a mission which was seeking for a special present for Ev's mum's 60th birthday. Quite exciting going to Portobello market with my husband for the first time!  haaa.  Oh, well the market was packed with a stream of tourists on a sunny Saturday and yes we're start getting annoy!  not very nice but we just hate a crowd....grumpy couple we are indeed.     However, it was very nice and lovely of course.  Nothing hill, you know...surrounded by big massive lovely Georgian/Victorian buildings (undoubtedly with flower beds). The market is very good if you after a good condition and fine quality vintage stuffs, such as jewelry, china and painting.  Unlikely stuffs you'll find on Brick Lance which pretty much like dump found.  We eventually got it-special present-after wandered around just only 2 hrs.  pretty good for the shopping day.  Go if you just wanna hang out in different area and of course to feel more swanky, both people and atmosphere.  It's a good fun.
PS. I didn't take a lot of photo..sorry. just can't be bother!

look at the crowd!!!

if you after £30,000 rug! 


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