Friday, 29 April 2011

at home in Japan

Annoyingly, I's up at 4am this morning! of course, not for Kate's big day, but 2 pints without food was a real pain.  However,I hope you enjoyed the royal wedding,which just likes a small Disney fairytale story. Happy couple Kate&Will.  Right, I have a real cool exhibition to share, especially if you're in love with the Japanese!.  'At home in Japan' illustrates the minimal way of living of Japanese people.  You'll see how they organize their tiny space effectively and got every functions they need for living in there. what a genius!   I'm crazy about Japanese, everything really film, food, quirky no-hold-back fashion and etc.  So, I enjoyed this exhibition very much. The way it's exhibited was so real, their dwelling and space(even slightly bigger than it should be) and housewares they show.  No fancy stuffs, just everyday used. I love its simplicity, which is the best way to illustrate the minimalism of Japanese living. What else could be better to create a real understanding to an audience other than speak their own way out loud. 'At home in Japan' shows at Geffrye Museum, Kingsland road. Admission fee is £5.  I also put some pictures of Geffrye Museum that might give you some inspiration decorating your space.

a lovely corner in Geffrye Museum. get an idea for home?

ink-jet with good lighting makes it's all simple but effective

my favorite photo

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