Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Southbank discovery

Last Friday, I went to Chocolate Festival at Southbank. Though, a little bit disappointed as I expected a mega event every time I heard 'Festival'. However,I shouldn't complain with loads of free-sample of chocolates and there were fantastic chocolatiers who made me can't stop eating! yummmm..  ok,stop bubbling coz it's not what I want to say today.  On my husband's way to a loo, he discovered an interesting performance from the Simonsound, which they describe their music as 50's&60's-inspired space music and mood music. Sorry that I have no knowledge whatsoever about music, so can't make any commend on that. I just listen to what I like. And I like them.  Hope you like them too.

Southbank in the sunny day was wicked. thanks Evbaby for photo

I love that NASA-suit he wore

Considering the fact that just him performed with lots of gears, I was impressed. And I like the visual.

 listen to them here..


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