Monday, 11 April 2011

Crazy about Royal Wedding?

a little model set

You can even twitter the royal wedding!!! at    I'm not sure people who regularly do tweet will follow this.   Oh well, never mind. As it's not too long til the biggest day(of Kate obviously) on 29th April, so I got a fun idea to refresh your place with the whole royal wedding souvenirs.  I recommend that Union Jack stuffs could go quite well with floral print and also quirky style, if you've already got it at home.  To make it less horrify for young chic who afraid of the royal using modern items to minimal a too-sweet-old-lady souvenir.  Oh and don't scare of pink!! be brave, you can make it more fun.  I found lots of interesting stuffs from   and also

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  1. look what I just found! royal wedding mania!