Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mexicanize your home

I love Columbia road, even personally I can't afford anythings from those shops!  It's a small lovely street where you can enjoy wandering around, looking at stuffs for home, then stop for a cup of tea and cake (long time ago, I tried coffee from one of those shop. It was really terrible! I had latte which contained no taste of coffee and served too hot) So my suggestion is not bother having coffee there if you're a snob.  As you'd know that flower market is on every Sunday. result? super busy, especially, when the sun came out.  So be patient if you smash into the river of people.  Although, I've ridden by this road everyday for half a year, I never noticed this Mexican shop-MiLargros  before. nerd..  It's all about home products, such as glassware (glass,vast,plate,etc), hand-made tile, Papel Picardo-Paper cut (this is my favorite!!) and saint painting.  I also love 'the wedding set in frame', it looks so cheesy and classic 80's style to me.
bare-brick wall always got me! 

could it be more funkier?

use them as a bunting, create a festive feeling. for party next time maybe.

hand-made tiles, which you can also order and customize its design just for you. however, it'd take up to 4 months regards to its production is in Mexico.

you'll find lots of bit-bob here and they're all desirable!

candle holders. I love those little birds.

remind me to a card I made in high-school


  1. Nice pics, I wish I could re-locate to london. One day I will...

  2. if you don't mind the miserable weather!! only joking :) and when you moved here just give me a shout then I'll take you out for a cup of tea!!