Tuesday, 19 April 2011

graphic odysseys & Brit Insurance 2011

After hungover from Sunday BBQ, it's time to up date an exhibition I've visited at Design Museum last Saturday.  In order to see all stuffs from Brit Insurance Designs Awards 'Oscar of the design world'. a bit late I know coz they announced the winners, in 7 categories, since March 15 but I still want to go, especially to see Plumen lightbulb, which awarded 'Design of the year 2011'.     Luck was on my side as Design Museum offer 1 ticket for 2 exhibitions. Bargain!! So I got by chance to see Wim Crouwell 'a graphic odysseys'!   Wim Crouwell is a Dutch graphic designer, who known as a one of the leading designer of the twentieth century. Personlly, his works were absolutely forward thinking, significantly, on exhibition space design and typography. 'it's important for designers to be recognize' is a quote of my day from Wim Crouwell. Grid system, straight line and diagonal are my all time favorite in term of thinking process, form development to the final design. Sound absolutely old-school architect way of thinking i know, but I just love it!  Apart from his works,  the way his works were exhibited is genius! Simple, clean, clear and feel fresh.  The design team created a continuous table as an horizontal exhibition board , which remain the feel-empty space in the room.  So, even the room itself contains tons of Wim Crouwell's works you still feel like it's so easy to walk and look around.  Sadly, no photo allow. 

Impressively finished from Wim Crouwell's I moved on to Brit Insurance Design award.  To be honest, didn't like its exhibition at all. However, the point to visit was more for those design works.  I totally agree that 'Pluman' deserved 'the Design of the year' not just because the British Designer, but also its design, its function and its energy-saving are all together magnificently. Beauty and Smart. Can you agree more?   Some designs I like but didn't win are all here too. So enjoy! 

Wim Crouwell in spacey suit

sneaky shot from the entrance. However,see more design museum website

accidentally got this blur shot I like to PLAY

one of the most be-spoken building 'British Pavilion' at World Expo

here it is! Pluman

Piercing wall from flos

one of my favorite 'in-betweening clock'

the winner in Graphic Design 'homemade is best' for ikea


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