Tuesday, 12 April 2011

time to use your friend!

Good thing about having friend who work as an illustrator  is you can use them to paint your wall!!  And I am a fan of my friend, Annu-www.annukil.com.   I did cover stories for both of Annu's flat and her work at street coffee. In that case, until it's published in my home magazine(Thailand) yet I can't spoil many images on here.  However, you'll get some fun ideas from my design and references.   If you desperately find the illustrator who can give your wall a life, easy way to get a similar result is print the image you like size as big as you want and just glue it!  or need more challenging?  stencil technique always create a funky mood for your space.  Thanks Quincy Scott for images from the shoot.
create a very fun space by using vibrant bold colors. I applied a classic chess board pattern to pump up a funky feeling into it.

Annu's work at Brick Lane coffee

the form of a plane filled with paint and floating in the air. Designed by French designer John Nouanesing

ps. if you want to use the image from your favorite illustrator. It'd be lovely to give them a credit, wouldn't it?

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