Saturday, 23 April 2011

Picnic time!

Yeah Yeah long as the sun's still strongly beaming at us as though it'll last for ever. We definitely wont' miss this rare chance enjoy laying in the park to soak up the ray as much as we can. well, you never know when it'll happen again, won't you!   Evbaby and I went to Victoria Park. First, fish & chips then lay down and then tennis at last (we're trying to be healthy and lose some fat..after ate fish&chips!!)   So, what do you need for a picnic then? my picnic basket is going to be full of cupcake, beers, crisps, lovely mat/tea towel.  well, I just love sweet and beers...sorry (who said try to be healthy)    Oh,and wearing a lovely dress like white-maxi cotton or floral print with head-scarf would makes your picnic more sweetier. On those dresses you're just a sweetheart!  And thanks for pinterest for images I used on my no-camera lazy day. hope it'd inspire you for your picnic time this weekend.  

picnic with style with a lovely picnic basket

don't forget to protect your face from the sun like Audrey




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