Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Clerkenwell Design Week2011

it was sunny, stupidly I presume outside's going to be hot. So just short and flip-flop that I put on was a silly painful!  never mind as my heart was flying ahead to Clerkenwell road already.  I would say Clerkenwell design week is more for designer & architect. It's a good opportunity to visit big design studio,that open for this event, in town, like humanscale.  Showrooms where they present their new products & collection, such as InterfaceFLOR launch 'once upon A tile'. All day talk session & workshop, party, music and market. At CDW market, handcraft products are sold by designers. Honestly, you might find it's just same-old same-old stuffs. not quite exciting but something for the week day I suppose.  the lack of signage made it's quite difficult to find, or just me being silly, even they hand you a map.  I recommend that you should spend at least half a day, following the map, which cover whole Clerkenwell road area to finish this task. it would be more fun if I bloody wore coat and shoes!  Don't forget that it's still on for another 2 days.  Enjoy!

LULU pin up. what a playful and clever idea!  basically, you just push yourself against those pin and here we go!

From Creature collective, Supafrank. under the concept that the few simple components can be interchanged using just one tool- a mallet- to make up a stool, a hook and a light.

a map

some cool postcard i collected from the event

Caren Garfen, contemporary textile artist. her work is inspired by women and their housework!

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