Wednesday, 4 May 2011

inspired by early morning

'wake up it's the beautiful morning honey while the sun's still shining' yeah, I'm listening the drums singing via the radio on my mac at 6am!! too much coffee yesterday, so I've been awoken since 4.30 am..hrrrrrrrr    Too awake and too itchy with too many ideas in my head so I decided to get up and start working in order to let all the stream out of myself!  Honestly, my brain doesn't work fully function really after 3 hrs sleep.  However, I got some decor idea, which inspired by Fish&Chip shop combine with English country.   Color scheme mainly off-white, grey, dark olive green. Use brick tiles, which regularly seen from traditional Fish&Chip/Diner shop, for the wall, lay just about half or 4:7 of wall height. And if your space got voids, apply a warehouse-look-alike frame(with sash) painted in dark grey/olive green. Add the classic English country touch with tea set printed cushion, rose print on frame and whatever you like!    I mix some quirky stuffs, like big doll head to make it more personal to me.  So, whatever style you like don't scare to just mix it all together. you never know the result til you've done it!  enjoy Wednesday.   
sleepy work, hope you don't mind

Rooftop in NY, fly me there please. from here

Diner style from Super Pizza, Brick Lane


  1. แม่ศรีลูน4 May 2011 at 10:48

    love shower and wood panel below <3

  2. me too! I want my new tub!