Tuesday, 31 May 2011

the coolest dump!

This gorgeous Georgian house on Bow road has been my the most curious place (if you consider it as a dwelling)I wanted to explore for long time!  I've passed it many many times and wondered 'is anybody live in there? if so what kind?!'  One day, while we're on the bus. Evbaby spotted its gate opened, so we decided to jump off to discovery the place.  I thought this is absolutely a treasure!  The house is such a mess,well better say like a dump site and also irresistibly cool!  Richards Leeman, carpenter, artist, carnival prop maker and whatever that you can think of, has been lived here for 6 years with his artist wife and their baby girl.  Two giant carrousel horses, I mean a real one, sit elegantly front of the house as though they were a door guard.  Walking trough the door, I's amazed by piles of portrait on the wall, carnival stuffs hanging down the ceiling and more and more stuffs. Everything that you can imagine at the car boots sale, they are all here.  Everywhere you look, it's so unorganized but somehow look organized.   Richards said that he want to open the house doing art class or workshop. yeah, please do it'd be fun!   Sadly, that this house's been sold and they're leaving within 6 monthsIf you live nearby or just want to visit I highly recommend!  it's just not like anywhere else that you'll find again. 
address 5 Bow road E3 2AD

who don't want them in your own garden!

Richards' studio

there are stuffs everywhere

garden fulled of random things

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