Friday, 6 May 2011

we love Friday!

Evbaby and I went to Grand Design show today. No worries, I'll show you what is a don't-miss I found so just be patient ;) But now, lets celebrate Friday with sunshine together!  Thanks for a smart phone and those cool app, so we can take a photo with arty style easier.  I wore a floral print dress with few necklaces and of course, flat shoes which I can't live without them. Protect your face with a summer hat, don't forget to looking for PINK,PEACHY PINK. It definitely IN for this summer (guarantee by VOGUE).

dress from Primark only £8

my favorite owl set-necklace and ring. on the left is my wedding ring :)

pastel pink summer hat I got from charity shop

don't miss sunglasses


  1. got it from Thailand ka :)

  2. Can you send some of that early summer out West? We're still only hovering around nine degrees in Vancouver!

  3. I've already sent it about a min ago. have you got it yet? ;)