Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shopping for gifts

It was a long long day for me today. We went to Caffe Culture event to get all inside information we need for open our coffee shop! it's very exciting, even we still are on a long way to go and don't know what is going to happen. finger cross!  In the East End, you'll find lots of independent shops selling cloths, furniture or a little thing like gifts.   Maiden on Shoreditch hight street is one of them, if you're looking for present or even get yourself a Japanese lucky cat. yes, this is the place!  Simple display, that you don't have to dig through piles of stuffs to get a piece you want.  Small little things in this shop are handily picked by Noah, the owner.  Modern design, quirky and a sense of humor are the concept behind products you'll get from Maiden.  Noah also keeps his price affordable, which absolutely what we're looking for!  I hate looking at stuffs with ridiculous price!  Maiden also hold an occasional event at their basement, like vintage sale or royal wedding exhibition.   So, keep up with their website to see what's new in.  

blue & white stripe created its own character of Maiden. Fun and sweet like a candy

various design of postcards, like 1920's and pop-art

fancy donuts & popcorn?

I love those masks! for fancy party

on your right is a scratch map, which you scratched out what country you've been.

foxy cup anyone?

Last month with Royal wedding theme, which was my 1st post!!

this is a fun sticker to make-up your lighting switch

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