Friday, 6 May 2011

when you opened your heart

Apart from sharing things I love. Blogging also makes me open my eyes and my heart on things that surround me even more. And as soon as you open your heart, then you're appreciate what you have, and where you are relatively.  On the way to the dinner with friend, we walked along Shoreditch high street, which we normally just make our way as fast as possible to get to our destination like everybody else. but not yesterday.  As we were not in rush, walking while talking on 'what's going on with life'. Then my eyes spotted 2 tube-carts on roof, which it's there forever but I never bother to actually look at.  I said to Evbaby 'lets go and have a look!' the tube-cart was applied to be a work space underneath, and with a rooftop I bet it'll be a cool space to work, also gives you a stream of inspiration.  At the same spot, I slightly turned to my right. There was my favorite building from different angle I usually saw, sits there still as usual.  Yet, it was just beautiful and my mind was blown away. I love living in London, even weather is always an issue!   Do you actually see your city??
Tea Building with structure of overground bridge

I adore you!

different colors, different texture and layers of those buildings. it is just purely beauty

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