Sunday, 1 May 2011

Chinese Inspiration

Hello Sunday!!  I got up at half ten this morning, after extremely loud ringing from my husband's call. It's too early for Sunday!  Today mission is reading my 2 issues of Vogue that I haven't finished without up-date anything on my blog. Shame on me, I couldn't help it!   My eyes just spotted 2 lovely postcards I bought another day at 'At home in Japan', then my notebook I've had for year and then fashion set in Vogue. I got inspired!  The 2 postcards are involved Chinese. One is Miss Wong 1950' from Vladimir Tretchikoff. Another one is Chinese-pattern painting on China. Those two just made my romance rose high!   Every time I see a picture of Chinese woman from the 50's, I feel so romantic.  Try mix-match of 50's Chinese painting with classy English roses print. Later, put a weightless tulle skirt on, go out for coffee on Sunday afternoon. Completely a lovely weekend!  

Miss Wong postcard I bought from Geffrye Museum

decorating idea from 'in the mood for love'

1960's check those wallpaper out!

lovely notebook from Geo Thailand

white is a real romance!

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