Saturday, 28 May 2011


Today is my 1st time watching rugby live from the stadium! so excited, even I'm a football fan.  Sport is always one of my favorite thing I enjoy watching.  It's a final premiership match between Leicester Tiger vs Saracens (who cares who they are!)  As they say rugby is a game of middle class, unlike football game of working class. So I's quite impressed by people wearing suit/smart outfit come watching the game.  The game was great, a bit of shouting and lots of beers. I's overwhelm by the size of stadium, which packed 80,000 people. Having seen players played in real life was amazing. Even while i'm typing this post I'm well pissed off about the result of Champion League game....Man-united just lost.  never mind, it's still a good day for me. Tomorrow we still got tickets for another game of rugby, England vs Barbarian.  Fun!  
we're late!!  runnnn

the Champion moment to Saracens

and Guinness


  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and following. Keep enjoying rugby and beer!

  2. rugby 2 days in the row this weekend!! time for doing nothing from now on!