Monday, 9 May 2011

this is open

I'm from a tropical climate country. I used to live in a big open space, where you can get the wind blowing your face and ventilate all the heat out of your house. Oppositely, here I live in a very cozy space in order to keep the heat in, which against my root!  I, now and then, really miss the open space with high ceiling, window with floor-to-ceiling height and loads of them!  So,here, dedicate to Modern-Thai architecture I truly proud of, I introduce you some houses from Baan-lae-Suan (Thai term for home & garden)magazine. Thai house normally has a porch and terrace, which designed to connect each room together. why? because traditionally, Thai family all live together in a big house and have to make sure that someone not missing!  Also terrace is good for ventilation.   Everytime I look at them, I just feel home.  

so open!!!

from Thai traditional architecture with gable roof, terrace around the house so you can access room-to-room easier

open ground floor for multi-purpose use, such as lounge for guess, hang or even dining 

semi-indoor kitchen easily and quickly blow all smoke from cooking out

I miss terrace like this!

semi-indoor kitchen,as you'd see from the left. it's no actual wall

 Thai Traditional House. A court is a center of the house, where everyone join family activity. Architecturally, it spread all the wind to each unit. genius ventilation system

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