Monday, 2 May 2011

feel for sewing?

Do you love Monday more when it's still a day-off? I do!  especially, sunny Monday (so, another excuse to get up at 10)  This morning after saw an email from my dear friend said she's desperately been looking for a specific cotton for her crochet project in Thailand. and it has none of color she needs so she wonders if I could get her some.  So, this lovely shop I shot last month on Columbia road just came cross my mind.  I'm such a wrong person if you ask me about sewing, never good at pretty little things.  However, I'm good at discovery!  Beyond Fabrics, on Columbia road, sell pretty much everything that involved with fabrics, such as ribbons, cottons, patchwork and even more.  Different styles of fabrics are all in here, vintage, retro, graphic, etc. They are all new so don't worry about moldy smell you might get from a real vintage one.   Plus, they provide a workshop at their studio as well, getting more excited?  Variety of classes such as quilting, accessories making and kids sewing club, might be a good fun and learn a new skill that you might be surprised about yourself.
Beyond fabrics, Columbia road, E2 7RG.  
Open studio :  Tue-Sat 11am-6pm ,  Sun  9am-4pm

Sewing kit. so cute

Vintage-inspired I want lots of them!


  1. lovely blog and lovely decor inspiration x x x


  2. oh, what a lovely thing to hear! you make my day Krystal! thanks you very much haha...
    I'm glad if I could deliver some ideas to you. x

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