Sunday, 29 May 2011

Coffee Sunday

So exhausted from the rugby,I think it'll be more relax if I post something I've been falling in love with for long time. coffee  I want to introduce you two of very good coffee carts which serving in London.  First is Dark Fluid, which I accidentally found at Chocolate Festival months ago.  Dark Fluid is an independent roaster and brewer, which co-founder by Neil Le Bihan, won Best Cappuccino in the UK 2011 from UK barista championship and Lawrence Sinclair, roaster.  Neil's been trained and worked at Monmouth coffee before.  I admire their passion and quality of the coffee they serve.  Another cart is Indie Coffee at Church Street Market. I never tried it myself but just because an obvious reason that he used to work at the same cafe as mine so... if you're around just grab a cup from Peter Duggan and let me know how it's like. enjoy Sunday
dark fluid at Southbank. Try their own blend it's very nice if you love a quite strong coffee (like those Kiwi)

Indie coffee, image from here

Latte from Tapped & Packed, image from here

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